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IMS was established in 1999 as a move of a branch of IMS Spa company (Bitron Group),  established in 1991.

Its administrative and operative office, industrial area of Morra de Sanctis ( Av), is in the centre of an area  characterized by a great and growing process of industrialization. IMS Srl occupies a covered surface of 7000 m2 and an uncovered surface of 27000 m2. Its business is concentrated both on the production and the sale of electro-mechanical components for electrical household  appliances market companies. 

All the processes of company’s production, particularly integrated and verified, allow to achieve products with an high self-certificated quality, to produce quick and flexible services and reliable products.

The most advanced technologies applied to the different phases of production and an high  competence of human resources, allow the company  to satisfy all market requirements supplying high standard of quality and collaboration with clients and suppliers in the development of new products and/or processes.

Besides design with development laboratories, reliability and products tests, the company is based on high technologies of production such as thermoplastic pressing, metallic shearing, die-cast aluminium and test-plants.

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To verify all the certifications obtained by I.M.S. srl Company for Quality standard applied to its production, please, click on Certifications section.
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