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At present, the quality is an important and decisive variable for a competitive company, especially for a company concerned on products of Quality and addressed to clients of Quality. Consequently, it needs to be marked by an accurate programme of activities. In fact, it’s necessary to direct all company’s phases, from public relations to products achievement, towards the realization of the product and customer care, to guarantee customers satisfaction and needs particularly.

Consequently, each part of the company, works according to an high potential of quality. To reach this important aim, all IMS staff is involved in a continuous and structured process of development concerning the Quality System.

The application of norms is strictly linked to a great and exact company’s organization, including both administrative management and products realization, a fundamental requirement to achieve an effective and efficient activity, confirmed also by Certification. This policy corresponds to all the principles directed to the Processes, to the Customer, to the settlement and the total Organization of a company, defined obviously, in UNI EN ISO 9001:2000.

General objectives that IMS wants to guarantee, particularly, are:
Guarantee that the activities of all company’s functions, through the Management  for the Quality, are in accordance with the Lines of UNI EN ISO 9000:2000 series.
To keep always effective the recognition of  UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 Certification that allow to make the Quality System in line with exact rules of professional management of the Company, to guarantee customers satisfaction and needs.
Plan, carry out and verify activities to improve Management System for Quality continuously.

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To verify all the certifications obtained by I.M.S. srl Company for Quality standard applied to its production, please, click on Certifications section.
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